The Future of Public Service Broadcasting

Axel and Margaret Ax:son Johnson Foundation

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Public service broadcasters everywhere are facing serious comparable challenges.  Though they remain important media actors in their respective nations, with increased competition they can no longer count on capturing the majority share of the audience – nor can they count on the unwavering support of policy makers.

As public service broadcast institutions increasingly venture into entertainment and reality TV programming in order to remain popular, they are criticised for betraying public service values.  And yet the question of what those values are in a contemporary setting remains highly contentious.

Edited by Kurt Almqvist and Isabella Thomas, this anthology includes contributions from Aaqil Ahmed, Jamil Azar, John Bridcut, Mukti Jain Campion, David Elstein, Ove Joanson, David Levy, John Lloyd, Michael Parks, Peter Philips, Niels Rasmussen, Jean Seaton and Arne Wessberg, among others.

Published in 2008


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