1999   BBC Two

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Rhodesia was the first British colony to rebel against the Crown for two centuries.  More than a decade later, Britain put down the rebellion and transformed white Rhodesia into multi-racial Zimbabwe.  In between were years of anger, betrayal and delusion.

In this three-part series, David Dimbleby traces the history of Rhodesia's transformation into Zimbabwe, through Ian Smith's UDI and the civil war.  

1    Treachery
2    Betrayal
3    Surrender


A Mentorn Barraclough Carey production (50', 50', 60')


Reporter David Dimbleby
Photography Colin Rogal, Dewald Aukema
Sound Bob Withey
Research CĂ©line Gilbert, Peta Thornycroft
Archive Research Alex Cowan
Assistant Producer Simon Chinn
Production Manager Melissa Robertson
Music Elizabeth Parker
Editor Phil Reynolds
Executive Producer George Carey
Producer/Director John Bridcut
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