Return of the Native

1991   BBC Two

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Donald Woods returns to South Africa after twelve years in exile.  As a newspaper editor, he befriended the anti-apartheid activist Steve Biko, was banned and then escaped from his homeland.  His story was seen around the world in the film 'Cry Freedom'.  Now he meets old friends and adversaries and gives his personal assessment of South Africa's future.

A Television Viewpoint production for BBC 'Assignment'


Photography Jonathan Partridge
Sound Warwick Swinney
Production Manager Jo Veale
Editor Peter Minns
Director John Bridcut


'John Bridcut's outstanding, beautifully shot documentary'

The Independent on Sunday

'After two decades of television programmes about South Africa offering little but strife, rancour, mutual misunderstanding and sometimes almost the unspoken wish for a bloody ending, 'Return of the Native' was a tonic of hope, optimisma and belief, yet strongly spiced with realism'

Richard Last, The Daily Telegraph

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