A Jubilee Tribute to The Queen by The Prince of Wales

2012   BBC One

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To launch its Diamond Jubilee weekend, BBC One broadcast a personal tribute to Her Majesty The Queen by His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales.  In this unique film, the Prince reflects on various public events and private family moments during the sixty years of The Queen’s reign, and explores previously unseen photographs and cine films from her private collection – many of them shot by The Queen herself.  The filming took place at Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, Highgrove and Balmoral, under the direction of John Bridcut, who worked with the Prince on Charles at 60: The Passionate Prince (BBC One, 2008) and The Prince and the Composer (BBC Four, 2011).  It is a Crux Production for the BBC, in association with Rare Day.

This film is now available on DVD, and can be purchased from this website.


Photography Jonathan Partridge, Vaughan Matthews
Sound Dave Holmes, Paul Paragon
Archive Producer Cat Dixon
Production Co-ordinator Joanna Gatcum
Production Manager Emily Renshaw-Smith
Film Editor Emma Lysaght
Colourist Vicki Matich
Online Editor Luke Carter
Dubbing Mixer Matt Skilton
Executive Producer Peter Dale
Produced and directed by John Bridcut


The film was first screened on Friday 1 June on BBC One, and was repeated twice three days later, again on BBC One.

The main picture on this page comes from cine film believed to have been shot by The Duke of Edinburgh en route from Entebbe to London in February 1952, immediately after The Queen's accession.  It is copyright Buckingham Palace.



'Probably the most intimate look at the Queen throughout her reign'    

Daily Mail

'First picture of Elizabeth as Queen comes to light'

Daily Mirror

'A poignant discovery that brought a tear to Charles' eye ... the climax of a ground-breaking hour-long documentary'

Daily Express

'He provided an affectionate, candid and emotional commentary to the pictures, offering a rare insight into family life behind closed doors'

The Daily Telegraph

'...the chord that was unexpectedly touched by John Bridcut's BBC One film with the Prince of Wales.  It was a simple idea: Charles, gentler and more open than we have yet seen him, reviewed home movies and photo albums from his childhood and family life, many of them long unseen.  Of all the commemorative, reflective (and sometimes glutinously sycophantic) programmes on air, it struck to the heart.  [...]

'Here was Charles, my own greying generation, ruefully observing his infancy and boyhood on the screen and coming (as we all do, usually too late) to an empathetic understanding of his parents. [...]

'For me, as a fellow traveller through time in Charles's generation, the power lay in seeing a man – not a perfect character or always a wise one – looking back across the buffeting of the years.  He has had personal mistakes, hostilities and disappointments like all of us, only in public: like us all, he has to accept and finally smile at them'

Libby Purves, The Times


5.0 out of 5 stars

A fitting tribute, 17 Nov 2012
By JANEITE "Janeite" (Middlesex)

Out of all the programs cobbled together to celebrate the Queen's Jubilee, I thought this was the most compelling and heartwarming. John Bridcut the producer captures Prince Charles's reaction to a selection of home movies filmed by his parents at various stages of the Queen's reign. His emotional responses are captured without being intrusive, and as family life is common to most of us one can empathize with his reactions to remembrances of past, happy times.


All the family make an appearance; the late King, the Queen Mum, his parents, brothers and sister, Aunt Margaret - and, of course, the corgis.


The images are surprising, heart-warming, intimate. One can only marvel at the normality they achieved in their private life while living out such a very public role. It ends with a montage of images of her life in service, including where it all began - her return to England upon hearing of her beloved Father's death. She is seated around a table with others on the flight home, a tragic figure in a blue suit framed in darkness. Off camera someone makes a remark, she smiles, briefly, her lovely smile, then the mask of grief once more descends on her face and the film freezes and ends. It takes many minutes to break the reverie the film invokes and one can only reflect on how much we will miss her and how precious she has become to us.



5.0 out of 5 stars

Jubilee Tribute by The Prince of Wales., 21 Mar 2013

By jesicca (POWYS)

I bought this DVD to add to the collection of Jubilee DVDs I have. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I know it will be a lasting piece of history to give my grandchildren which is the reason I bought it. There are lots of lovely words and pictures which show our Queen as she truly is not only our Queen but a daughter, wife, mother, and grandmother just like the rest of us. I would recommend this DVD to anyone.




5.0 out of 5 stars

Excellent DVD, 7 Dec 2012

By DAU1 Great DVD, well worth watching.  Can’t think of anything else to say other than brilliant DVD to watch and own.




5.0 out of 5 stars

This is a great DVD, 2 Jan 2014

By Thomas Williamson (San Diego, California)
I really enjoyed this DVD. It had a lot of never before seen home movies taken by Prince Philip. This DVD is narrated by Prince Charles. This DVD was dramatically better than I thought it would be. I thought it would be good. But it was actually great. If you like history, you will like it. It also shows a more personal side of Prince Charles. It shows a more personal view of the life of the Queen. Prince Charles comes across as a warm caring person in this DVD. It shows that he one day will be a warm and caring King.

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