Noye's Fludde

2005   BBC Four

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Salisbury Cathedral is the setting for this performance of Benjamin Britten's opera for children about Noah's Ark.  Three hundred children take part.

In the medieval Chester Miracle Play, Noye is told by God to prepare for the coming Flood by building an ark to save his family from destruction, along with two animals of every species.  But Mrs Noye will have nothing to do with her husband’s plans, and prefers to sit around drinking with her Gossips.  Britten sets the story to music for a large children’s choir of animals and a children’s orchestra, including bugles, handbells, a wind-machine, and slung mugs. Presented by Stephanie Hughes from Salisbury Cathedral.

The Voice of God        John Robinson
Noye                            Hugh Hetherington
Mrs Noye                     Susan Mackenzie-Park

Conductor                    David Halls
Stage Director             Sonia Woolley
A production by the Salisbury Nine Schools Music Partnership


Presenter Stephanie Hughes
Director Kriss Russman
Producer John Bridcut

A Mentorn production for BBC Four (60')

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