Elgar & the Missing Concerto

2005   BBC One

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The troubled but ultimately triumphant ten-year mission of Robert Walker and David Owen Norris to solve the mystery of Elgar’s unfinished piano concerto.  Presented by Alan Yentob as part of the Imagine series. 

The 45-minute documentary is followed by a complete performance of the work by David Owen Norris with the BBC Concert Orchestra, conducted by David Lloyd-Jones (40’), directed by Kriss Russman.  The film is a production by Mentorn Oxford.


Photography Jonathan Partridge
Sound Simon Farmer
Dubbing Mixer Scott Jones
Production Manager Deborah McTaggart
Assistant Producer Caroline Page
Film Editor Phil Reynolds
Series Producer Janet Lee
Produced and Directed by John Bridcut


‘Imagine … returned on top form.  What made it so good was that it made no concessions to classical-music ignoramuses – such as me. Usually, classical music is the subject which sees television at its most excruciatingly determined not to frighten us off with anything that smacks of elitism. Here, knowledgeable people were simply invited to tell us about their subject. This uncompromising approach proved far more informative, interesting and enjoyable than any of the supposedly viewer-friendly documentaries. It also had the advantage of not making us feel hopelessly patronised.’ 

The Daily Telegraph

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