Fantastic Mr Dahl

2005   BBC One

film image

A psychological portrait of Roald Dahl, exploring the aspects of his life and work which made him such a great storyteller.  Presented by Alan Yentob as part of the Imagine series.  It was later re-versioned by Warner Home Video for release with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as a DVD extra.


Photography Dirk Nel, Jonathan Partridge
Sound Bob Withey
Dubbing Mixer Scott Jones
Research Caroline Page
Music Edmund Jolliffe
Assistant Producer Anna Ewart-James
Film Editor McDonald Brown
Series Producer Janet Lee
Produced and Directed by John Bridcut

The film is a production by Mentorn Oxford (1 x 60’).


‘Roald Dahl’s family were sufficiently impressed by John Bridcut’s documentary Britten’s Children that they agreed to co-operate fully [...] Without ignoring the dark side, this is a sympathetic portrait’ 

The Times

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