Jonas Kaufmann film on BBC Four at Christmas

BBC Four is giving a second screening to Jonas Kaufmann, Tenor for the Ages at Christmas.  It will be shown at 10.20pm on Thursday 28 December.

The film has also been selected for competition in the Musique et Spectacles section of the French documentary festival, FIPA, in Biarritz in January.

Composer films to be issued on DVD

After a long delay, plans are afoot to release three of John Bridcut's composer portraits on DVD.  It's hoped that Elgar: The Man Behind The Mask, The Passions of Vaughan Williams, and The Pleasures of Delius (formerly known as Delius: Composer, Lover, Enigma) will be available from February 2018.

Edmund Jolliffe's music nominated for RTS Award

The composer, Edmund Jolliffe, has been nominated for a Royal Television Society award for his score for Elizabeth at 90 – A Family Tribute, broadcast on BBC One in April 2016.  It was one of only three nominations in the Music category.  Producer John Bridcut said: "Edmund's music is both inventive and original in the way it supports, but does not compete with, the images in The Queen's home movies.  We are thrilled that his skill has been recognised in this nomination, as his contribution to the documentary was distinctive and remarkable."  Jolliffe's previous work for Crux includes A Jubilee Tribute to the Queen (2012) and he also wrote the music for Charles at 60: The Passionate Prince (2008) and Fantastic Mr Dahl (2005).

The Queen's home movies out on DVD

Elizabeth at 90 – A Family Tribute has now been issued on DVD by BBC Worldwide, and is available from normal DVD retailers as well as on this website.  It is also being distributed for international broadcast.  The DVD contains the extended, feature-length version of the programme, as shown on BBC One in April 2016.